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Yoga Instructor/Personal Trainer

Meet Josh, the owner and founder of Namaste Fit! He is a Master Personal Trainer, Yoga teacher, and Nutrition Coach.
With well over 10,000 hours of 1:1 sessions and over 1500 yoga classes taught - his passion and love of fitness is clearly defined. Josh is committed to creating a safe and friendly environment for all walks of life and fitness journeys. In his free time he loves to go to concerts, woodwork, and play video games. He plans to cultivate a strong fitness community in Anna and help as many people as he can through Namaste Fit!


Yoga Instructor/Personal Trainer

Meet Megan! The owner of Namaste Fit and proud wife of Josh Greathouse. She is a N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer and an E-RYT 200. Forever a student of yoga, she is currently enrolled in a 300hr YTT with hopes to offer Yoga Teacher Training at Namaste Fit in the future. A deep desire to be the catalyst for a healthier Anna Texas, her passion for helping others shines through in her teaching where she loves to offer modifications and hands on adjustments. When she’s not at the studio you can find her adding jalapeños to all her meals, and spending time with her family and two growing boys. Hope to see you on the mat soon!



Yoga Instructor

Sarah is a lifelong yogi and meditation practitioner. A dedicated student and instructor at NamasteFit. She received her RYT 200hr certification in 2009 and often says that “yoga is not attainment, but a daily journey to self discovery.” You’ll find her classes are full of playful new poses and joyful moments of progress. She teaches gentle flow, vinyasa flow, and meditation.
When she’s not in the studio you can find her homeschooling her son, cycling, or planning her next great outdoor adventure.

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Yoga Instructor

Meet Jessi! 
Jessi’s background in dance made her fall in love with the movement of yoga, but her life as a mother brought her deeper into the meditative/mindfulness side of yoga. She loves to make you sweat, so vinyasa is her jam. A lot of her time is spent in a studio either teaching yoga, other fitness formats or dancing. She firmly believes yoga is a practice and “you have to suck before you shine.” She loves reading, learning, and filling her world with colorful, happy things.



Yoga Instructor

Tara discovered yoga through a family friend when she was 12 and knew it needed to be a part of her life forever! She homeschooled the year after that to attend more yoga classes and dive into the practice. She did her 200 hour training at 19 and found that it helped give her a voice after being really shy for most of her childhood. She did her 300 hour in India four years ago and cherishes that memory dearly. She believes in the magic yoga creates within your body and encourages students to find the balance of challenging yourself while staying mindful of your breath to get through any situation, not only on your mat, but in life as well! When she’s not teaching she works as a software engineer and loves spending time with her fiancé and hairless cats


Personal Trainer

Jenny discovered her love for fitness after personally struggling with her own health issues. Due to this she was sedentary and year after year felt like she was living less and less of her life. Fed up one day she became determined to live the life she knew she was meant to live. She discovered strength training and first hand experienced all the positive changes that quickly followed suit and knew she wanted to make training a bigger part of her life. Jenny went to the National Academy of Sports Medicine where she obtained her personal training certificate. She enjoys studying the latest trends within the fitness industry and analyzing the scientific methods behind strength training and program design.

Her own journey has sparked her passion for helping others discover their love of movement and fitness and teaching them how to combat the societal norms of a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle.
Health and fitness is about discovering the capabilities of your body, finding new ways to challenge those capabilities, and witness the multitude of health benefits that trail alongside like weight loss, muscle tone, improved energy, mental clarity, and stress relief.

When she’s not at the gym training she is at home with her 3 daughters helping them live their best lives! She’s happily married to the love of her life who is constantly encouraging her and motivating her to chase her dreams. Jenny also owns an organic spray tanning business and styles hair for weddings and special events. Needless to say, she has a passion for helping others feel confident and their best! Jenny is no longer unhealthy and sedentary, she is currently living her life to the fullest and is excited to help you do so the same!



Yoga Teacher

Rose started doing yoga for a new way to sweat and be challenged but quickly fell in love with the inner workings yoga had to offer. Whether it’s moving with power, or mindfully surrendering in a long held pose, yoga is her happy place where she discovered how individual it is. “Yoga isn’t fitting your body into a pose, but fitting a pose into your body”. Outside of the studio her place of complete fulfillment lies within the walls of her home, surrounded by 3 kids and a loving husband. She’s a total homebody who loves going out with friends; the epitome of an extroverted introvert.


Front Desk Staff


Tilly started her yoga journey a world away in her homeland, Australia. She has a deep love for exploring and sees yoga as the ultimate exploration of self.
When she's not attending classes at the studio you can find her outdoors in nature, usually sharing her yoga mat with her dog Merle. She recently completed her 200HR YTT and is excited to share her love of the practice with others in a new way.

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